Our History


Grace Community Baptist Church was organized September 3, 2002 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In the grand scheme of the world’s history 12 years is but a blink, and the history of one congregation appears entirely insignificant. The world will take no notice of our celebration of our sixth anniversary as a congregation. And yet Scripture gives us a different historical perspective from God’s point of view. First of all, 2 Peter 3:8 reminds us "Do not forget this one thing, dear friends; with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day."

The Lord has been concerned about each moment of our history as a congregation. These days have not been insignificant to Him. They are critical in His plan for us, His believers. To Him each day has been like a thousand years.

These past 12 years from God’s perspective are not the history of an institution or of brick and mortar and programs. These past 12 years from God’s perspective are the history of each person who has been cared for in this place. To our Savior it is the history of each sinner who has been called to repentance at Grace Community; the history of each sinner under our care who has been comforted by the sweet message of forgiveness at the foot of the holy cross; the history of each baptism; the history of each birth celebrated; the history of each person spreading His Word to our neighbors; the history of families comforted by His Word at each funeral; the history of each heart’s growth in God’s Word.

To celebrate worthily, we must remember the rich past and look forward with excited anticipation to the future. C. H. Spurgeon once wrote: “God has great things in store for His people; they ought to have large expectations.”

May our expectations for the Lord’s work here at Grace in the coming years be one of much excitement and anticipation.

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